Wind, Simulates the Motion of Natural Breezes in After Effects

A new tool for After Effects lets you harness the power of nature. A new plugin from Ebberts and Zucker lets you to move around text, vectors, video and shape layers in native 3D space with the motion of a breeze or wind.

“Wind” is a wind turbulence animator that will simulate the natural motion of objects as if they were affected by a breeze. You can blow layers across the Ae scene with a single click. No longer is there a need to worry about creating expressions or complex animation paths. When you click apply, Wind creates a series of null based rigs that control each active layer in the simulation. The Ae tool can handle hundreds of layers at a time, with no set up at all.

Wind uses a unique algorithm to mimic a variety of turbulence effects in native AE 3D space. This lets you quickly apply some really nice moves to your objects, choosing from 17 presets, 10 directions and includes in and out transitions. Wind is available for $49.99 at aescripts + aeplugins — Who, by the way are having a post-NAB and pre-BlendFest sale that gives you 25% off everything with the code POSTPRE2017. (ends Friday, May 5, 2017 and some restrictions apply)