New Spine Released With Weight Painting, Clipping and More

Spine 3.6 is here! Esoteric Software adds Weight Painting, Clipping and Tint Black features to the amazing 2D animation tool. The Esoteric team comments on the new release with: “The focus was mainly on things that have been bugging both you and us for a while, including hundreds of small improvements to existing features and bug fixes. On top of that, we managed to add a few great new major features.”

Preview Animations While Working

New in Spine 3.6 is the ability to preview your animations using a lot of the same controls that are available to you at runtime. The great thing is that you can setup and pose your animations as they preview is running. Esoteric says that: “The usefulness of seeing your animation at the same time you are editing that animation cannot be overstated.” I completely agree.

Spine Weight Painting

Also onboard for the latest release is the ability to paint weights, making it much more intuitive to associate bone influence with the vertices in your assets.

Soft Selections

Now it is much easier to modify the vertices in a dense mesh. You can select multiple vertices through a new soft selection. This makes it easier to move, scale and rotate all the points as a group. The soft selection also includes an editable falloff.

Visit Esoteric for the complete list of new features in Spine 3.6.