Creating Gaseous Volumes in Nuke With Eddy

Watch a quick-start guide from Matt Barker (from Intraware & VortechsFX) as he walks through creating smoke and fire, using the gaseous volumes plugin for Nuke, Eddy.

What exactly is Eddy for Nuke? It’s an impressive plugin that allows you to easily simulate gaseous phenomena right within the Foundry’s node-based compositor. It makes it possibly to create and work with smoke, fire and other fluid simulations in Nuke. It is fast and interactive too, because it is written entirely on the GPU.

The results the plugin provides within Nuke are pretty amazing – Just have a look at some examples. The plugin is also a physically based volume renderer and compositing system. Full features and examples listed below.

  • Full deep data output
  • Written entirely on the GPU
  • Optimized scripting language
  • Extensive C and Python API
  • Unbiased physically based volume renderer
  • Interactive simulation and rendering
  • Volumetric Rendering
  • Automatic caching of simulation data

Lately there seems to be quite a few stunning Nuke plugins being developed for production, like Eddy and GeoTracker. Visit Intraware for more information on Eddy for Nuke.