New Tool Lets You Create a Custom Toolbar In After Effects

Ae’s layout is pretty flexible. It allows you to customize your workspace how you like. The one thing that is missing, is an easy way to add your own buttons and commands into a panel. There are quite a few toolbar offerings that can do this for you. Most popular of those would be ft-Toolbar.

Now there is a new alternative to the 3rd party toolbar and launcher products. KBar, bought to you by the people who made Easy Bake, After Ease, and After Spell, is a sleek customizable bar for After Effects.


What is KBar?

KBar lets you create custom tool bars that can save you time and clicks. You can make buttons for the effects that you use most, presets, extensions, expressions, scripts, and scriptlets. It’s really easy to use too. You can drag and drop to reorder things, switch between toolbars, and dock it into the left or right edge of Ae’s interface vertically.

How is it Different from FT-Toolbar?

KBar is similar to ft-toolbar while having some design differences, most notably being “officially” compatible with the latest versions of after effects. Ft-toolbar has seen a few systematic updates over the years, but there has been no motion on the front of new features.

Bar is accessed as an extension within After Effects. The new toolbar also allows you to create your own icons. You have the choice to use some its standard 600 plus included icons, or create your own using PNG or SVG files.

Pricing and Availability

Of course KBar is available through aescripts + aeplugins. If you purchase before July 25, you will get 25% Off. Regular price will be $39.99.