Easy Treez for Maya Lets You Design Trees Based On Volume

Looking for an easy way to create a few trees in Maya? A new tool from Abhishek Karmakar looks like a simple and fun way to make design the trees you are looking for. Easy Treez is a highly art-direct-able system that lets you build trees by defining a few simple shapes.

Eazy Treez is a A Highly Art-directable Canopy-Volume based Tree-Designing Tool for Autodesk Maya.

You can design trees by using a custom shape. The tool will make the tree based on the volume of that shape. This can be a great workflow for creating exactly the trees that are perfect for your scene.

With a few clicks you can build your tree and have it animate as well. Easy Treez adds procedural animation at the click of a button.

Easy Treez allows you to:

  • Create canopy & Trunk input shape based Tree Designing
  • Create realistic looking Trees with complex non-intersecting Branches
  • Work non-destructively with Branching Hierarchies, letting artists sculpt/deform the trees to any free-form shapes while still retaining the branching-structures, pivots & parameterization… This means that leaves can be re-grown and Dynamics can be re-applied over and again onto the custom free-form sculpted trees
  • Create complex leaf distribution with Branch Level controls
  • Choose between radial & Linear branching modes. Radial-mode for general trees, and linear-mode for pine-like trees
  • Add procedural Hierarchical dynamics & motion over branches & leaves with just a click, visualizing & tweaking the dynamic-motions with almost real-time playback

Pricing and Availability

Easy Treez requires Maya 2015 or higher and works on all platforms: Windows, MacOS and Linux. Easy Treez for Maya runs $35.00. Visit the Easy Trees Page to learn more.