Use BodyPaint 3D for Painting Game Assets

Follow Along Using Maxon’s BodyPaint 3D for Painting an Object for a Game Engine

Maxon UK’s Matt Umney has a look at Maxon BodyPaint 3D to create a simple game asset. The tutorial covers using the content browser to add pre-set textures, and using the bake object command to turn it into an editable UV mapped object.

Maxon has been updating some of the features of Body Paint 3D and modernizing some other aspects. New viewport technology and a new OpenGL painting engine has brought new life into an otherwise largely ignored application over the last little while.

If you are interested in learning more techniques with BodyPaint, or want to get back into using it, Laim Stacy has a nice overview where he explores BodyPaint 3D covering 3D Painting, Image Editing and More. Check that out below.