How To Use Arnold’s Color Jitter Shader to Randomize Color in C4D

Mograph Plus Shares a Look Into Using Arnold’s Color Jitter to Randomly Apply Colors to C4D Objects and Polygons

Mograph Plus excerpts from the “The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 5 for Cinema 4D” course they offer, are always a good to go through. They provide a lot of information and get you ready for the course. Kamel Khezri shows how you can add random color to objects and faces in Cinema 4D, by using Arnold’s Color Jitter Shader.

When working with Arnold, the Color Jitter Shader lets you alter the input color by applying random color. You can easily dictate values such as hue/saturation and gain for the random colors. Adjusting a seed value quickly gets you a new random color variation.

The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 5 for Cinema 4D course spans over 10 hours learning content to go through. You can learn more about that course here.