Check Out this Free Zbrush Sculpting for Maya Users Course

Andrew Silke Gets Maya Users Up To Speed With Using Zbrush Sculpting, Covering All The Basics

How many of you have opened up Zbrush, looked around, quit it and then moved on to something else. I, for one would be in that list. Zbrush sculpting is notoriously difficult to learn. Not only is the interface so foreign than any other application, but Zbrush inherently does things differently. It’s not a 3D application, nor is it a 2D one. Incredibly powerful, it is no wonder why plenty of users strive to learn it.

If you want to learn Zbrush once and for all, and you are used to working/feeling comfortable with Autodesk Maya, then Andrew Silke’s new tutorial series might just be what you have been looking for. posts a free micro-course that can help get you going with Zbrush sculpting. Silke uses Maya comparisons and terminology when showing the basics for sculpting a simple stylized dragon. Andrew is a fantastic resource to learn fundamentals from.

Zbrush for Maya Users is a 3 part course that has the first 2 parts free right now. Those first two sections cover blocking and sculpting, while the third focuses on creating surface colors and painting. Check out the Zbrush Sculpting for Maya Users here (scroll to the bottom).