Text Delay Lets You Easily Adjust Type Animations in After Effects

Text Delay is a Native Plugin That Can Delay Text Animations By Character, Word, or Line, Inheriting Easing

Text Delay is a new plugin from Plugin Everything, the creators of TextBox for After Effects. The new Text plugin offers users a super-easy way to delay animation attributed to type in After Effects. With it, you can quickly delay transformations by character, word or line.

Unlike the default text animator, it inherits your animation’s easing so you can be creative with curves or easing expressions.

Unlike working with the After Effects’ own Text Animators, Text Delay can inherit the easing from your animation, so that is one less thing that you need to work about.

The text delaying tool is a plugin, not a script or a preset. This means that you can benefit from its speed and are free to add expressions and enjoy compatibility with motion blur and other Ae features. The plugin is available for $20.00. Learn more about the Text Delay plugin here.


  • Native plugin, not a script or preset. This means it is fast and you can add any expressions you want to it (or not!)
  • Reverse, increment, and random order modifiers
  • Range selector to control precisely which characters or words receive delay and which do not.
  • Compatible with motion blur.
  • Compatible with paragraph text.