Nicolas Dufresne Releases Alpha for New FFmpeg Encoder

Nicolas Dufresne Releases Alpha for New FFmpeg Encode

New Skin on FFmpeg Encoder Takes on Encoding Challenges for Animators

Nicolas Dufresne is the mastermind behind DUIK. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It is the most robust and comprehensive animation and rigging tool for After Effects. Dufresne is trying to push the tools to where professionals need them. He is expanding DUIK and other utilities to round out the animation workflow experience. His latest addition is an FFmpeg encoder that can encode almost anything for Windows.

This includes ProRes, GIF, H.264, and H.265 and more. The tool is a friendlier interface front-end to FFmpeg. The interface took shape from user feedback. The tool includes some output presets. “I want DuFFmpeg quick and easy to use. The most common parameters can be tweaked with simple buttons and the use of presets.” Dufresne says. “can even be used 100% automatically by only setting the output format you want” He adds.

DuFFmpeg Encoder is available as an Alpha. Learn more about the new encoding tool for animators, and download a version here.