Ukramedia’s new Controlit for After Effects Lets You Create Expression Controls for After Effects Properties

Controlit is a new After Effects script from the Prokhnevskiy ‘s Ukramedia. The After Effects tool will let you take any properties for anything in After Effects and instantly built out expression controls for them.

The Controlit script makes it convenient to take any properties that you want to work within After Effects and draw them out from under the layer and into the Effects Panel, automating the process. The script supports most of AE’s properties although it currently doesn’t work on Lights, Cameras, and Effects properties.

Controlit is an After Effects Script that saves you time by converting selected layer properties into expression controls with only one click

Controlit Features:

  • On/Off checkbox to Split Dimensions into separate Expression Controls
  • Multiple property selections of more than one layer
  • Automatically detects & converts selected properties into Angular, Color, or/and Slider Controls
  • Automatically names the Expression Controls based on the Match Name of selected properties
  • Alerts if selected properties have an expression applied
  • Alerts if the selected properties have keyframes

The script looks to be a useful one that can help automate control breakout in Ae, and for under $5 bucks, seems to be an instant buy. Check here for more information.