Splash FX Pro is a New All-Purpose Water Splash Asset for Maya

Brent Forrest’s Splash FX Pro Are 2D Animated Splashes in One Handy Maya Asset

Animator Brent Forrest publishes a new asset for Maya that draws upon his years of experience creating FX. Splash FX Pro is a carefully designed splash asset that uses 2d animation techniques combined with a customizable animated mesh.

You may remember Forrest’s Toon-FX Elements, which merged hand-drawn animation in a 3D space, offering the best of both worlds. Like Toon-FX, Splash FX gives you an easy way to create splashes in one drop-and-use asset. The effects are meshes in the scene that use deformers; there are no taxing dynamics involved — The file itself weighs in at 59K.

“Water splashes are an exceptional challenge for a TV production – using costly alembic caches or realRealFlowflow files can weigh down a scene. That is why I created Splash FX Pro.” Forrest says. Based on a standard “trumpet” style splash, Splash FX Pro 1.0.0 for Maya is $25.00.