Add a Proper Hold to After Effects Keys With This Free Script

Add a Proper Hold to After Effects Keys With This Free Script

Lars Jandel Created a 1 Click Solution to Add a Hold to Both a Keyframe’s In and Out in After Effects

After Effects has a toggle command that will keep a frame until it encounters the next keyframe. It’s quite handy for a lot of situations, yet if you mess around with the graph more than the regular AE timeline, you might find that the command only toggles outgoing interpolation and not the in-incoming — Making a time-saving-thing slightly more tedious. Or at least some people super-users think so. MamoWorld noted: “why does @AdobeAE “toggle hold keyframe” only toggles hold out and not in? I need “hold in” frequently but creating it is sooo tedious.”

Lars Jandel took on a fix to this as a simple scripting exercise. The result is beHOLD, 1-click-solution to add a hold-behavior to your selected keyframes. The script has three options that include, in, in and out, and out for creating static keyframes. It comes with a minimal dockable panel, and you can even throw it on to your KBar using provided SVG Icons.

Visit the beHOLD script page for more information and download. Even consider a small donation if you think you will find the script useful.

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