Braid Maker is a Flexible Braids Styling Tool for Maya

Abhishek Karmakar’s Latest Maya Tool Braid Maker is A Highly Art-Directable Procedural Braids Designing-Tool for Maya

AkashCGI has recently released a new Maya tool allowing users to create sophisticated and organic looking braids at the click of a button. Braid Maker will also let you populate different looking braids in no time at all.

You might remember AkashCGI as the creator of Cobweb Tool, Easy Tree, and Super Bricks.

Braid Maker for Maya Features

  • Creates Braid Procedural setups with graph-based controls for braid width, shape, twist, roll, etc.
  • Creates Braids over custom curves, like artistically shaped curves over the head scalp.
  • Edit all controls real-time ‘on-the-fly’.
  • Bake Braid-shapes after an edit, to convert them to plain standard polygon & curves based braids.

Braid-Maker runs for $30 on Gumroad.