New Art-Directable Cobwebs Tool for Maya Looks to be a Doozy

KobVebs Creates Complex and Natural Looking Cobwebs in Maya, With Just a Few Clicks

Abhishek Karmakar recently released a new tool for Autodesk Maya. KobVebs is a pretty amazing cobwebs tool that lets you create these amazing structures on objects in your scene, pretty quickly.

I know, I was thinking it too. Look around, there are many scripts for Maya that allows you to create cobwebs on objects. What makes this one any different? The detail! KobVebs lets you create as many layers of cobweb strings and substrings as you like. You can create them using multiple objects or even on a single object.

KobVebs Features:

  • Mininum & maximum Length/Distance threshold based webs creation.
  • Create complex webs connecting in between any 2 poly-mesh models.
  • Create complex dense webs covering over single poly-mesh OR Face-selections.
  • Create complex webs connecting multiple curves.
  • Auto collision/push-out while creating Webs over meshes.
  • Custom collision tool for pushing-out web-string which are penetrating inside meshes.
  • Create as many layers of cobweb strings & sub-strings.
  • All Cobweb strings-shapes output are native Maya curves, so they can be rendered with popular renderers by assigning render-thickness attributes (like Arnold Renderable Curves)

The Maya cobweb tool works with Maya 2015 and up, on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. Check the KobVebs to learn more about the cobwebs creation tool.