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Maya Render Nodes With Arnold for Easy Center-Edge Shaders

Medical Illustrator and Animator, Emily McDougall offers a look into creating the center-edge look in Maya using Arnold. how to create a layered shader in Maya 2017 using Arnold and the aiStandard Material Solid Angle Arnold in Maya is really a step-up from an aging mental ray. Artists can enjoy a better integrated renderer, one

3 Methods for Lighting an Exterior Scene With Arnold

A little while ago I posted a tutorial from Yone Santana who walks us through creating lighting for an interior scene with Solid Angle’s Arnold. A new tutorial from Yone is the antithesis with a look at lighting an exterior or outdoor scene. What’s the difference between rendering an indoor scene versus an outdoor scene?

Learn Lighting Basics in Solid Angle Arnold

It doesn’t matter if it is lighting in the real-world or digitally — Lighting is a craft. Understanding lighting basics is an essential skill to have. Also learning the classic styles and techniques goes a long way for digital lighting for animation and motion graphics. This is why I always highly recommend John Alton’s Painting