The Brave Rabbit Ingo Clemens packaged up and released two new deformation tools that he developed for Autodesk Maya, one being a collision deformer, and the other a deformer for adding skin sliding effects or skin attraction to an object.

iCollide is a deformer for maya which allows to add simple collision effects to a mesh without the need of simulations and iSkinDeform is a deformer for maya which allows to add skin sliding as well as skin attraction effects to a mesh

iCollide is a simple collision deformer providing a way to create collision effects in Maya without using simulations such as soft bodies, nCloth, or muscle deformers.

iSkin is just something that Ingo developed while on a “deformer creating” roll, I mean, why not indeed. iSkin will allow you to create skin sliding deformations similar to Maya’s slide geometry tool only deformer based. Skin sliding can be controlled by creating a control object that tries to keep the original mesh shape while deforming the vertices over the existing surface. The iSkin attraction feature can be helpful for applying sticky effects to a character, such as the lips of a character as an example.


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