A really great character animation tutorial in Maya from Prantic Madhukalya where he shows his process of animating a character throwing a dodge ball in Maya using the Morpheus rig.

“Today we’ve got Prantic’s first video tutorial; How to throw a dodgeball (no, not a volleyball – that was my bad) in Maya. Now I don’t use Maya very often personally, but it’s Prantic’s main software and he uses it well. Tutorial is really good, though not short so be sure to grab a cup of something before you sit down to watch.”

  • Working from a storyboard
  • The Primary Animation of a Dodgeball Throw
  • Secondary Animation to make it all look a lot more believable
  • Constraining the ball to the character’s hand then releasing at the right time
  • Various animation timing tweaks

Prantic Madhukalya provided this tutorial for 3D Interact. It shows you how to take a character, rig, and storyboard and turn it into a full animation with constraints and secondary tweaks to make it seem more believable.

Software used: Maya
– Primary and Secondary animation
– Object constraints
– Working from a storyboard

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