Need to rig a four-legged character in Maya in a hurry… The BraveRabbit comes through again, offering some more tools that he has created for Autodesk Maya. Quadruped Rigger for Maya which is meant to simplify the rigging for four legged characters with some nice features…

  • IK/FK back (with volume control)
  • FK Tail
  • IK/FK neck (with volume control)
  • IK legs (stretchable)
  • attribute controlled ears
  • separate visibility of all body parts
  • character sets
  • skin joint sets for all body parts
  • should blade control

Check out the post for Quadruped Rigger for Maya and download here.

“This video shows the rigging process of the Quadruped Rigger, which is available on our site. The script is intended to help with the rigging process of a four legged character in Maya to get a solid rig for animation with a short setup time.”

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