Animator POV: A Mistake to Avoid When Rigging Quadruped Legs

Animator Brian Horgan Shares a Point of Contention When it Comes to Quadruped Rigs In the Hopes of Eradicate the Issue Forever

A lot of animators have been there. You excitedly download a brand new rig only to find the controls are limiting when you start animating with it. There often is a struggle between animators and riggers. From a rigger’s point of view, animators always want more control. With quadruped rigs, there really isn’t an agreed standard.

In Brian Horgan’s case, animating quadrupeds can become exponentially harder if there is no way to control the hind leg from the toes to the hock.

Horgan shows that a control in the hind legs of a quadruped rig is essential for animators to show the animal’s weigh as it takes a step. “It’s really sad when you download a cool rig and find this missing as it makes it almost impossible to animate the legs with good weight” Brian mentions. “Please share with your riggers and maybe together we can eradicate this issue!”

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