Lars Scholten (CyBear) shows how you can simply set up a nifty little demolition derby effect using the Mograph cloner in Cinema 4D. Admittedly, Lars notes that it might not be a very useful technique with practical implications, but it is kind of fun.

…how to use Dynamics and a bit of MoGraph to create a virtual 3D demolition derby

Lars also notes that the technique was originally shown to him by Pingo van der Brinkloev, who used Mograph and dynamics to race cars around a track and have them smash into each other, until a winner emerged.

If you enjoyed the demolition derby effect, there are plenty of great tutorials that are around, showing much more complex and realistic destruction effects in Cinema 4D. Florian Thamer walked through the steps needed to have X-Particles and Turbulence FD enhance a destruction simulation in C4D. He also did a tutorial that showed X-Particles for Dynamic Simulations & Destruction.

A while back, Steve Sprinkles showed how you can employ Cinema 4D’s Cloth dynamics to destroy a car. And lastly, Mustafa FERSAOUI showed how his tool for C4D could easily create an object transition from solid to a liquid form.