Joren Kandel posts a handy and free script for Cinema 4D called Edit-Optimize, co-created by Marc Pearson of Edit-Optimize for Cinema 4D will allow you to create a single object from Cinema 4D cloners, or MoText in a single click.

Check out the post for Edit-Optimize, A Free Cinema 4D Script here.

Marc Pearson of and I have teamed up to create a free Cinema 4D script for you guys! The script takes the process of making a cloner or motext etc. into a single polyginal object a one click process and takes all the manual work out of the equation. Hopefully this will be useful to you. If you have any ideas to make it better/more useful, let me know. Hope this makes life a bit easier for you! Get the script here:
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  1. Navarro Parker

    Looks very useful. But just a couple suggestions: Edit-Optimize isn’t a very descriptive name. How about something like “Connect + Delete Mograph” or “Super Connect + Delete”?

    The icon should be based off Connect + Delete also.

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