Max Liani shows off a test video of his experimental interactive raytracer renderer in Maya that he is creating… (well for fun really) called Glimpse. Glimpse is meant to provide a lighting tool that overcomes some of the limitations by the current openGL capabilities in Maya.

It amuses me that some people, in their spare time, create interactive raytrace renderers… like as a hobby. 🙂 Anyway, check it out, it looks pretty cool so far.

Max Liani writes: I am Max Liani, lighting supervisor at Animal Logic. Glimpse is an experimental interactive raytracer renderer I am developing for passion. My goal is to provide a useful lighting tool to my lighting department to overcome the strong limitations of both openGL capabilities of 3D software like Maya and also interactive rendering of Renderman.
This test is aimed to demonstrate feedback of light rig structural manipulation:

  • add/remove lights
  • hide/show
  • re-parent, re-group.
  • transform newly created hierarchies.
  • duplicate
  • undo/redo

Video is recorded on a 2007 MacBook Pro (Intel Core2 duo 2.4GHz).