EJ Hassenfratz takes a look at spinning objects for animations with a realistic look by using dynamics in Cinema 4D. By using dynamics to spin an object the spin ends up looking more realistic and can actually interact with its environment using physics and gravity.

EJ uses the Text Edge FX v1.2 Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D in this tutorial, which you can find more information on here. Text Edge FX is a quick and easy way to add custom bevels and edges that go above and beyond the already great bevel options in C4D. With Text Edge FX’s intuitive controls, endlessly customizable options, and over 10 custom bevels included it really is a must for anyone who needs to make amazing looking text and logos quickly.

EJ writes: In a response to a question I was asked on Vimeo about how to spin objects on a single axis using dynamics, I go over a couple ways you can achieve this effect so the dynamics rotation looks realistic and can interact with real world physics and gravity. First, I’ll show you how to get a cube to spin on it’s edge and then show how to slow it down to a stop and topple over. Then I’ll demonstrate how you can get your logo or text have a cool, dramatic, and energetic spin reveal using dynamics on a logo made with Text Edge FX.