Jimmy Gunawan shows how to create a dynamic procedural effect in Maya by using the SOuP plugin’s Peak Deformer together with the Muti Attribute Transfer. This comes as Jimmy’s onging exploration of the Peak Deformer Node in SOuP where he notes: “At first, I was not really aware the strength of this Peak node. But after many hours and few days observing the SOuP examples particularly in relation to Peak node, I finally got some kind of enlightenment!”

Check out the post for the SOUP / Peak Deformer and Multi Attribute Transfer Setup Video Tutorial here.

Jimmy also shares his findings in exploration with a previous post of his – SOUP / Peak Deformer Awesomeness that may be worth a look.

SOuP plugin for Maya by Peter Shipkov can be downloaded here:

SOuP is a collection of nodes for Maya created by Peter Shipkov based on the principles of building a flexible, non-destructive procedural pipeline. Many of the nodes are designed to work at component level allowing the artist to extract specific data, alter it and pass it on. Its this level of design that allows SOuP nodes to work seemlessly within Maya’s existing architecture.