Ruchit Bhatt shows how you can animate a crack or shatter procedurally in Maya using the SOuP nodes.

how to animate crack procedurally inside Maya.

The SOuP project was created by Peter Shipkov, who wanted a more flexible, non-destructive pipeline in Maya. Many of the nodes in SOuP are designed to work at a component level.

This allows the artist to extract specific data, alter it and pass it on. Its this level of design that allows SOuP nodes to work seemlessly within Maya’s existing architecture.

SOuP contributors include Jeremy Raven, Maxim Kotrolev, David Schoneveld, Sergey Tsyptsyn, Ivan Turgeon, David Corral, Jack Straw, Michel Tuttle, Alex Smolenchuk. You can get SOuP which is freely available to download from the tools page. There is also a collection of pre-built Maya scenes to help get you started.