19Lights has a look at using the New Magic Lantern with the Ginger HDR “Create Magic Lantern HDR Wrapper” which now allows you to create a text file that has an extension of .GNR which references the original footage rather than the older way of converting the original files into a large sequence of EXRs which was pretty disk intensive.

Check out the post at 19Lights for a look at the updated Magic Lantern workflow with Ginger HDR and Wrappers here.

…This video shows the new workflow for processing Magic Lantern HDR video with Ginger HDR inside After Effects and Premiere Pro…

19Lights cover how to use the new workflow inside of both After Effects and Premier Pro, citing that you are able to import the Ginger GNR file directly into After Effects or Premier Pro. The Ginger HDR file format plugin will do all the optical flow on-the-fly to merge frames as it needs.

Ginger HDR is a plugin for doing HDR Tonemapping inside Adobe After Effects (CS 3.0 and higher) and Premiere (5.0 and higher) on Macintosh and Windows. You can download the 30 day trial below and if you like it you can purchase a serial number $199 USD. However, Ginger HDR is currently on sale for $149 USD. If you want to get more familiar with the HDR workflow for Ginger HDR in After Effects, you can check a previous post here.