Ron Bublitz has released an update to his Graph Editor Redux 2.0 for Maya adding the ability to give the Maya Graph Editor a visual interface make-over with loadable Custom Themes.

Ron has also added support for Maya versions 2011, 2012, and 2013 into the Graph Editor Redux tool, as well as the ability to add noise to the shape of a curve.

Graph Editor Redux essentially is a redesign of Maya’s curve editor. Not only does GER reorganize the classic graph editor functions, it provides new tools that many animators have found extremely helpful in tweaking and creating animation.

For a look at how GER 2 can change your Maya animation workflow in the graph editor, check out a previous post USING GRAPH EDITOR REDUX REDESIGNED GRAPH EDITOR FOR MAYA here.

Newly added features of Graph Editor Redux 2 include:

  • updates included in versions for Maya2011, Maya2012, Maya2013
  • themes! – choice between 2 icon themes with room for 3 other custom themes
  • snap start/end of curve to current frame
  • multiple keyframe insert along curve
  • remove redundant keyframes
  • copy curve’s start keyframe to end keyframe
  • add noise along the shape of a curve