Karim Kashefy is sharing his script kk_dp which is a fast, easy and great way to alleviate the hassles of dynamic parenting during the animation process.

His kk_dp dynamic parenting script for Maya takes a lot of the guess work and tribulations out of the workflow for re-ordering and creating parenting on the fly while animating. Check out the kk_dp dynamic parenting script for Maya here.

…a fast and easy way to parent objects in animation process…

Simply select the object and the parent you wish to create a relationship for and click a button. When you want to create another parent-child relationship a few frames down in the animation, simply animate your object, change the parenting with kk_dp and kk_dp will ask to bake the previous parent-child to animation keys.

To really appreciate the value of the script you really have to watch the video below where the animation that is being created here is really a great litmus to how the script can be used add-hoc and on the fly.