Silverwing VFX’s Raphael Rau offers a look at the fundamentals of using a linear workflow technique for rendering by showing some of his methods for linear 32 bit workflow.

In this case, for rendering and demonstration purposes, Raphael is using Cinema 4D and V-ray although he does note that if you are using other applications, you still might get something out of this linear workflow tutorial.

Today I want to talk about linear workflow… I’m doing his tutorial with cinema 4d and V-Ray, but you don’t have to work with both of those, its more like fundamentals of linear workflow and maybe you can learn something out of it even if you are not using theses applications

Using VrayforC4D, Raphael walks through changing the color mapping settings in the render engine, which for all intents and purposes is the same for any version of V-Ray, and then discusses (quite well I might add) the importance of gamma and gamma correction explaining the differences between input, calculation and output gamma. Raphael provides some walkthrough examples of the differences between using a linear workflow from the viewport to final renders.