Everyone needs to start somewhere, and if you are interested in getting started with simple expressions in Autodesk Maya, then this is a great place to start. Chandan Kumar demonstrates how to create a clock animation where the hands of the clock are controlled by simple expressions expressions in Maya.

Even if you are a little familiar with Maya Expressions, this tutorial will show you how to create a clock so that you are able to set animation keys for the hour hand of the clock and the minute hand will rotate accordingly.

today I will show you how to animate clock hands using expressions in Maya. This is a follow up to my previous tutorial “Creating An Animated Clock In 3ds Max Using Expressions and Custom Attributes”. This time I am using the same techniques in Maya and I hope the Maya users will find it helpful

This is a super simple tutorial providing a good overview of expressions on attributes in Maya, and also a bit about the expression editor in Maya. Chandan has set this up to be the counterpart to a similar tutorial he recently did for 3ds Max, called Creating An Animated Clock In 3ds Max Using Expressions & Custom Attributes. Check out the tutorial for Animating a Clock in Maya Using Expressions here.


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