Designer Jeremy Cox at one point created an Audio WaveForm Rig in Cinema 4D, and now he is sharing it with everyone. The Cinema4D Audio Waveform Rig will allow you to quickly set up an audio waveform with plenty of user control.

today I’m going to be showing you this Cinema 4D Audio WaveForm Rig that I created…trying to run you through most of the major features

The Cinema4D Audio Waveform Rig has two curves one that is generated by the audio being used, and another that allows you to directly control what is happening to the waveform in the viewport. Jeremy notes that the Audio WaveForm Rig is free to use in personal or commercial projects, and he has enabled the Tip Jar feature on Vimeo, and he suggests that if you find this particularly useful, a little tip will help motivate him to continue to provide more things in the future.