One of the best things about Cinema 4D is its integration and functional use for creating Motion Graphics, and it has always been a longing of mine to see some of that functionality bubble up to the surface in other applications, especially Maya. There have been smaller scripts and plugins for Maya recently, but none really hit the mark in terms of depth and flexibility.

Maya is capable of anything really, its only a matter of building what you need it to do. I like to think of it as a big sandbox, or a big box of Lego, instead of giving you a huge range of standard and limiting tools, Maya gives you a huge range tools that allow you to build other tools or system that may not be included or even thought of. This is a fantastic premise to a point, and as an example, lets say if you are a studio with plenty of patient and skilled TD’s. However, if you are just one person who has never scripted before, you are going to have a hard time.

MASH is a suite of Maya nodes developed in-house at Mainframe aimed at enabling our artists to create versatile ‘motion design’ style animations

My joy levels really rose when I came across MASH. MASH is Mainframe’s Manchester studio’s suite of Nodes for Maya specifically for Motion Designers and for creating Motion Design animation, systems, and effects. MASH was something that was developed at MainFrame North for their artists to create motion design style animations, and is now a shared and downloadable package care of Mainframe North Ltd and Ian Waters.

Check out some animated examples from MASH’s Nodes…

MASH provides a suite of Effector Nodes which can be connected together to generate a wide variety of easily customized effects that you are able to control from the Attribute Editor or Node Editor in Maya.

MASH was initially built to run on Maya 2013, and being Python based works equally on OSX and Windows, however it is still backwardly compatible all the way back to Maya 2010, and it’s relevant to note that any instancing with MASH needs SOuP for Maya installed to operate.

For more information on MASH Maya Nodes for Motion Designers, check out the MASH site which provides plenty of example videos, getting started videos, Mash downloads, and brief overviews of MASH nodes.

Ian has also provided a look at getting started and using MASH Motion Designer Nodes for Maya


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