Lighting and Environment Technical Director, Nacho Thomas has another great look at understanding NUKE workflows with this next three tutorial series looking at using EXR files in NUKE compositing.

In this tutorials, we will overview some of the main advantages of working with EXRs in nuke

OpenEXR is a HDR file format created and Open-Sourced by Industrial Light & Magic, and has really been a great addition to CG workflows offering multi-channel support conveniently in a singe file.

Here, Nacho looks at the advantages of using EXR’s in NUKE and covers the basics of the opeEXR concept, layers and channels, and developing workflows with EXR multichannel files, and also shows how you are able to create a reusable NUKE Gizmo to help with EXR workflows in NUKE.

These using EXR files in NUKE tutorials are a continuation of a larger series providing a look at using and understanding NUKE features and workflows. The last NUKE tutorial series was looking at Understanding Relighting in NUKE that you are able to check out here if you missed it.


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