Shane Benson has been developing a series of tutorials looking at modeling with Subdivision surfaces in Cinema 4D, and here he continues with another installment looking at a method that you can use to reduce artifacts or, more accurately, creases in your models surface when making an extensive amount of cuts into it.

I go over one method that can be used to reduce artifacts when making cuts. Sometimes loop mode will cause problems, and manual cuts will need to be made

I always mention to people that the function of modeling tools are often really straight forward, and the magic lies in the strategy, and this is especially true in working edge flow for models in any application, and here, Shane goes over something he calls the 180° method for creating manual cuts.

Shane demonstrates in his example, creating edge loops in certain directions will alter or crease the surface, where a bit if clever thinking will provide a “localized” edge loop by looping around 180 degrees from where it started from… sounds a bit convoluted in writing, but just watch the video and it will become clear.

If you need to catch up to the rest of the series on Sub-D Modeling in Cinema 4D, check out the previous posts:


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