UV Scatter Script for Maya Scatters Instances and Provides Automated Level of Detail Control

3D Artist Shane Marks, shares his UV Scatter Script for Maya which will scatter instanced objects over a surface in Maya using a weight map and with an automated set up of level of detail grouping.

UVScatter is a maya plugin to quickly scatter objects over mesh surfaces. Scattering can be controlled through the use of an image map, and LOD grouping is automatically setup

By loading both a high resolution and a low resolution version of the mesh LOD can be achieved by selecting a camera to drive the Level of Detail switching right through the interface of the UV Scatter plugin. Specifying a weight map for distribution will drive the density of the scattering providing controls for grid density and scatter quality.

The scattered instances will then automatically switch between high resolution and proxy models based on the selected camera’s distance -This is a pretty slick and refined script, if you use it, it is important to note that This plugin requires the pyQT python libraries to be added to your maya installation. Check out the Maya UV Scatter Script at Shane Mark’s site here.

the UV Scatter Script for Maya features the ability to

  • Quickly scatter multiple instanced objects over mesh surfaces.
  • Control the density of scattered objects using an image map.
  • Orient Objects to face normals.
  • Set LOD Grouping automatically and associated with a camera of your choice.


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