Technical Director student Timm Wagener shares the Custom Pose Library Tool he created for Maya he calls poseCritter. Offered as the first release candidate, poseCritter provides instant loading of poses and some pose management features by allowing for easy creation and navigation of created pose groups.

I would like to show you a little pose library i did for Maya -It’s called poseCritter

poseCritter for MAya will also allow you to create a tag for controllers offering a system to store selections of manipulators for poses easily. With a flexible and dockable PyQT interface, PoseCritter works well with Maya’s file referencing system being based on databases rather than manually loading XML files, so you are able to share Poses and thumbnails without any issues.

Timm does note that you will need Maya 2012/13 and PyQT, and if you are all set up for that you can download the release candidate for PoseCritter Pose Library for Maya here. [direct link]