Faisal Ali from Project-4D shows how ti is possible to create Krakatoa-like effects in Cinema 4D using a couple of unique plugins, xParticle, and TurbulenceFD together to create and render a particle simulation. X-Particles for Cinema 4D allow you to do some pretty complex things with particles and effects without having to script anything in C4D’s xPresso environment. X_Particles uses a unique and intuitive “questions and actions” approach to creating particle simulations.

now just add 3 or 5 million Particle and you will get renders looks like krakatoa render trust me you can if you have the right workstation

Ali uses Jawset Visual Computing’s TurbulenceFD, an intuitive yet full featured fluid dynamics system for Cinema 4D that has a sequence of velocity fields, that allow you to describe intricate fluid motion that can drive the particles in the Cinema 4D scene.

Using a Cinema 4D Hair Render tag to make the particle effects visible to the rendering engine, Ali shows how to create a complex and high count particle simulation with this step by step look at achieving some complex and abstract particle simulations without the need of complex scripting.

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