A while ago, Florian Thamer posted a great tutorial on how to create a dynamic destructions scene using X-Particles for the heavy lifting and Turbulence FD for the smoke and dust effects.

using the recently published X-Particles 3.5 to improve dynamics simulations with dust/debris even more.

If you recall, the last tutorial, Florian noted that it wasn’t possible for X-Particles to access Cinema 4D’s position data from the dynamics system. Florian is now revisiting the destruction scene once again, this time using the latest release of X-Particles.

X-Particles 3.5 not only has a lot of features and impairments to the popular particle effects plugin for C4D, but also fixed some things that were not working when Florian did his dynamic simulation last.

X-Particles 3.5 improves upon the dynamics simulations with dust and debris and even more. Florian covers using X-Particle’s Question and Answer system, that can give you more control over the spawning of debris for the simulation.