Tim Clapham from HelloLuxx, walks through the process of using Xpresso in Cinema 4D to build a custom controller for a deformer object, using simple null that drives the intensity of the bend deformer.

In this tutorial, Tim Clapham takes you through the process of building a controller for a deformer object. In this example we take a null object and then use the position values to drive the strength of a bend deformer with a basic Xpresso setup

This is a useful technique for rigging controllers that you will need for animation, where you can create all the controls to affect the objects directly in the scene. Tim expands on the premise by adding a MoGraph Delay Effector to the Xpresso Network which will allow for an ease or even a spring like effect for free. Check out the tutorial for Building a Deformer Controller with Xpresso over at HelloLuxx here.