Yader, (Derya Öztürk) shows how to colorize polygons in Cinema 4D by using a UV Map, expanding on his last quick tip demonstrating how you are able to create an interesting look for wire frame renders in Cinema 4D by incorporating a texture.

Following up on my last quick tip, here’s a way to colorize polygons with a uv map. There are a couple of other ways to do this, but with a uv map one stays flexible and there is no generator object which slows down the scene

Yader notes that there a a few ways to accomplish the same task in Cinema 4D, however the technique that he shows here uses only one UV map keeping it flexible and doesn’t slow down the scene the in a way that generator objects might. Check out the post for Quicktip 39 How to use a UV Map for colorizing polygons here for more information on the tutorial.