A look at creating a simple rig for a bicycle and all of its complex bits from Hector Bermudez who shows how to create a simple bicycle chain rig with controls using Autodesk Maya and how to create a simple control for the bike’s handle bars.

This is my final expression, your might change depending the name you used for your bike’s pieces

Hector uses a curve to create the bikes chain pieces using an animated snapshot in Maya, and uses that same curve to create a spline IK Joint Chain that will eventually drive the chain pieces that will be controlled by an Expression.

Hector lists the small expression as “ChainCurve.rotateX = ChainSetUp.rotateX; ChainA.rotateX = ChainSetUp.rotateX; ChainB.rotateX = ChainSetUp.rotateX; PedalA.rotateX = ChainSetUp.rotateX; PedalB.rotateX = ChainSetUp.rotateX;” Finally, putting the finishing touches on the bike rig, Hector shows how to effectively set a control for the handle bars of the bike.

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  1. Daniel

    Hi, im having aproblem with your simple rig for a bycicle chain tutorial i use my curve and a piece and when i rotate my curve my animation is kind of jumping… weirdly


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