Marco Giordano previews some of his latest efforts creating custom nodes and plugins for Maya, with his MG_vectorGL debug node, and MG_splinePath node. The Vector GL debugging node is actually a node that can be used to debug Maya custom nodes by allowing you to paint an array of vectors right in the Maya Viewport visually debugging the math node in Maya with ease.

These nodes let’s you control an X number of object along a nurbs curve with a solid orientation. This plugin is pased on the parallel frame transportation

The Spline Path Node for Maya allows you to attach an array of transforms (or any number of objects essentially) to a NURBS curve in Maya, and then allows you to slide those transforms along the curve, providing a much simpler method and control for creating this type of rigging that might be used in creating a bicycle chain as Marco uses for an example.

Both the MG_vectorGL, and MG_splinePath nodes for Maya will be available soon through Marco’s website here.