Red9, creators of the Red9 StudioPack for Maya which is a vast pack of scripts, tools, rigging and animation workflow enhancements from within Autodesk Maya recently updated to version 1.28 which includes important bug fixes and some extra wrapping to the Meta API and Pose Libraries making it easier to expand the Meta feature of Red9 on your own. For more information on all that is included with the latest build of the Red9 StudioPack v1.28, check the post here.

A brief demo showing you how the Red9 Studio Pack deals with Mirroring and how to setup your rig to work with the systems. The systems rely on 2 main attribute markers (mirror side and mirror index) and a third optional one (axis)

Here, Mark Jackson shows off the new Red9 Studio Pack MirrorSetups UI, and how to set up the mirror system. Mark notes in the video that if the axis attr is found and has no data, ie. it’s a blank string, then no inverse takes place; Left and right pairs are just copied across.

If the attribute however, is found with valid channels then these will be the ones inversed. You can add any channels to this not just the standard ones in the UI, so if your foot system has side-roll and that’s required to be inversed in the mirror process, then add it to the attribute. Check out the Red9 Studio Tools for Maya here.