Daryl Obert demonstrates how to transfer UVs between meshes using Maya Transfer Attributes and also provides a tip for improving performance when working with skinned meshes.

A quick demo of how to transfer UVs between two meshes and a workaround or hack to delete the performance robbing history on the skinned mesh

Daryl passes UV’s from a lower resolution model onto a higher resolution model, however, when he does so, the performance takes a hit when working with or trying to move the character around. Daryl notes that deleting non-deformed history on the character will not improve performance as Transfer Attributes is working as deformed history in this case, and is calculating in real time as the character is being moved or deformed.

A workaround that Daryl presents is by using the transfer attributes on the intermediate object that Maya keeps and hides as the original shape, will allow you to delete all history on the original shape. Great tip!