Imagineer Systems’ Mary Poplin conducted a live Mocha Pro training seminar called the clip clinic, where Mocha users are encouraged to submit difficult and problematic footage and Mary will demonstrate how Mocha Pro can effectively solve them.

This free, live training seminar was recorded on March 21, 2013. Presented by Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, this live training covered mocha’s planar tracking and visual effects software

Here Mary covers three topics in detail, Advanced Planar Tracking Concepts in Mocha Pro, Some Rotoscoping tasks, and object removal and creating clean plates. Covering some basic and more advanced tracking concepts within Mocha Pro where which describes exactly what planar tracking is and how it will differ from point tracking.

Mary continues to also shows how to deal with occlusions when tracking and using manual tracking, and also demonstrated Mocha’s ability to make changes to the track with the Adjust Track Module. -I love the idea of this series, and hope that this will become a regular thing with Imagineer Systems.