How to Attach External Rigs to the Red9 Puppet System

Mark Jackson Shows a Way to Bind Any rig, to the Red9 Pro MetaData Puppet System.

Red9’s Pro Pack comes with a Rig Manager that allows you to bind any rig, (body and facial rig) to their MetaData systems. Jackson shows how easy it is to “marker-up” your rigs so they can behave as if they were a native puppet system rig. Attaching an external rig like this can expose the complete power of the Red9 Pro Pack to your workflow. The tools are meant to bridge the gap between the Puppet System and production rigs.

“This is the final missing link from ProPack, a system to enable you to bind ANY rig, both body and facial, to our Red9 Pro MetaData systems.” Jackson writes.

Red9’s Puppet System is a procedural rigging framework that is robust and feature-rich. The system centers around an internal metadata system, that is exposed through the pro pack’s API. The system really allows you to interact with the rig through a python object that exposes most of the animation and management functions directly. Pose handlers, animation library, mirror functions, pose compare and other functions are all wrapped for you.

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