The HDRIStudio blog posts a great article looking at some of the approaches for using Image Based Lighting (IBL) for creating and mimicking the effects that a photographer would get with studio lighting.

Here we show a variety of scene set-up approaches in your main 3D software/renderer and talk about their advantages and disadvantages

It is interesting to see the variations, draw backs and advantages in each lighting technique showing a mix of IBL lighting and real world floors, and then simply an IBL with a floor incorporated. Check out the article for Studio lighting approaches with image based lighting here.

HDRIStudio really makes using and creating IBL’s for studio lighting a snap – to the extent of, in fact, of placing lights in the scene simply by clicking on the part of the object that you want lit. This is an amazing way to work when creating lights for a scene… take a look at the example below showing the light paint feature of HDR Light Studio, its really working from the final image backwards.