As an almost custom version HDR Studio, HDRi Studio Generator For Cinema 4D is a tool that will create your own HDR images for rendering, by adding walls, lights, panels, and accessories that can be customized easily.

the use of HDRi Studio GENERATOR, showing how it can be employed using different parameters

The HDRi Studio Generator comes with customizable studio lighting accessories such as an Octagon Softbox, Giraffe Softbox, LED Neon Tube, and Background Stand that can all be manipulated through parameters in a studio room setting. Once everything is in place, you are able to render out a LatLong image in HDR that can be used to light your Cinema 4D scenes.

Its creator Mustapha FERSAOUI notes that This is not a plugin – these tools work seamlessly with Cinema 4D, and all you have to do is add the HDRi Studio Generator to your scene and all the controls are there to Create your own Studio HDRI.

To find out more about the HDRi Studio Generator For Cinema 4D, visit its page here.