If you are a fan of using HDR images to light your scene (Image Based Lighting), you know that you can never have enough “good” HDR environments lying around. Instead of continually purchasing HDRs for lighting, why not make your own?

how to create your own HDRI for free in Cinema 4D

The Pixel Lab recently posted a look into creating your own HDR environments, that can be suitable for using in lighting and rendering, right in Cinema 4D. Here, Simon Spencer-Harvey offers some great info on HDRI’s and shows how you can create them in C4D, step by step.

Similarly, Ben Benton showed how you can create the proper visual format for HDR environments, using a non-shadow casting sphere in Cinema and baking the texture out with the Bake Texture. This will get you the familiar distorted lat-long, or curvilinear perspective image needed.